Subject: Re: Other macs
To: David Leonard <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/02/1994 14:20:08
Sorry about the time lag on this...

> What news is there for the newer mac stuff being added in? 
> Namely the IIsi, LC * etc.

No news.  Sorry...

> What is the actual problem with different macs? Are their hardware bits and 
> pieces mapped at different addresses or is it memory problems?

Well, yes and no.  There is different hardware and the physical memory is 
laid out differently.  Largely, the barriers would be surmountable with
access to the hardware.  That's why I'd really like to see a
cross-development environment that people could use to build kernels
under MacOS or other systems so that others can work on porting to the
hardware that they've got.  There has been progress on a cross-development
environment for two different systems.  One on the HP7000/900, I think, and
the other Solaris, I think ;-)


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