Subject: Re: Memory, ser0, sl0, fast clock, etc.
To: John D. Smerdon <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 04/02/1994 10:53:31
> The machine has 4MB of memory.  One message on the screen when it boots
> says usable memory 1800000.  Does anyone else actually use the MacBSD with
> this little memory?  When I compiled rz/sz, the disk drive was constantly
> getting hit.  Is this normal?
> vmstat lists avm memory as 700-800 and fre around 100-125.  From the man
> page, these are in K so I have 700K-800K of my 1.8MB inuse?

For the disk to be hit during compiles?  Yes.  I don't know about having
that little memory left...  Or the vmstat statistics.  It's possible
that there is a bug.  I'll look into it.  The 1.8M is what's left after
the kernel has allocated all its data buffers.  If I'm not mistaken, it
can grow beyond that...

> Since I added the slattach and ifconfig statements to netstart, whenever I
> enter ps -ax the console starts displaying vm_fault and dumps registers and
> memory on the screen.  This repeats faster than I can read it on the
> screen.  Anyone seen anything like this?

Yes.  Just once.  When I had compiled NFS stuff into my kernel.  Does
it happen if you don't config in netstart?  Which kernel are you running?

> I want to connect the other serial port with a SLIP line also.  Is a kernel
> change required to add a new interface (sl1 ?)?  I assume the lo0 is a
> localhost interface.

Yes.  You need to reconfigure the kernel and recompile.  I haven't tried
two slip interfaces before ;-)

> I originally tried to setup pppd, but the serial driver does not like the
> TSETIOD (?) ioctl.

oops.  That's been added to the to-do.

> The clock seems to fast about five minutes.  When I compare my Mac to my
> watch in MacOS they are the same.  When I compare to MacBSD, MacBSD is five
> minutes later.

Constantly fast--as in it's still off by the same amount an hour later?
I have a problem with my SE/30 in that the clock is almost never read
correctly...  I get dates that range across a century.


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