Subject: One printer solution
To: macbsd-general <>
From: Benjamin D. Church <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/29/1994 20:00:00
Allen,  (and everyone)
	With all the mention of printing lately, I thought I'd send you the
results of my tinkering with the ImageWriter:  9600, the default for the IW2,
is too fast.  Try setting the baud rate (in the printcap entry) down to 300
or 1200.  You also need to set up the ImageWriter II to expect data at that
speed (see below).  A similar method may work with other printers.

	There are two banks of DIP switches in the Imagewriter II (see the
Imagewriter II manual for more details).  The first two switches in the second
bank control the baud rate.
	SW2-1	SW2-2	Resulting Baud Rate
	Down	Down	9600	(default for Mac printing)
	Up	Down	2400	(too fast for MacBSD)
	Down	Up	1200	(seems to work for MacBSD)
	Up	Up	300	(will definitely work for BSD)
	If the baud rate is set too fast, only the first 2K or so will be
printed, since the Imagewriter has a 2K buffer that captures incoming data.
lpd just keeps sending data, even if the Imagewriter is unable to store or
print it fast enough.