Subject: Re: floppies [ was Re: BSD Licenses ]
To: None <>
From: Gerald C. Combs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/29/1994 08:30:22
On Tue, 29 Mar 1994, Tasuki Hirata wrote:
> Let me see...  if I remember correctly...
> The Lisa's, 128k's, and Fat Macs (512k) have 400k floppies.
> The Pluses, II's, and the older SE's have 800k floppies.
> The newer SE's, SE/30's, IIx's, IIfx's, IIcx's, IIci's, and everything
> else down the line have 1.44M floppies.

  As I recall, the 1.44M SuperDrive came out after the SE and the II were
introduced, but before they were discontinued.  Later models of those two
machines had 1.44M drives standard, and the earlier models with 800k
drives could be upgraded by swapping the old floppy controller chip and
drive for newer ones.  Pluses weren't upgradeable (as usual).  A guy I
know has a Mac II with two floppies - one 800k and one 1.44M. 

  To make things even more complicated, Applied Engineering makes a 1.44M
floppy drive that hangs off the SCSI chain.

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