Subject: floppies [ was Re: BSD Licenses ]
To: Brad Grantham Featuring 24 Hour Alarm <>
From: Tasuki Hirata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/29/1994 00:16:35 (Brad Grantham Featuring 24 Hour Alarm) said:

> "The Macs," a semi-freeware product by M. David Greenspon, reports that
> IIx's have 1.44M floppies.  My guess is that only II's and upgraded SE's
> have 800K floppies (poor fools).

Let me see...  if I remember correctly...

The Lisa's, 128k's, and Fat Macs (512k) have 400k floppies.
The Pluses, II's, and the older SE's have 800k floppies.
The newer SE's, SE/30's, IIx's, IIfx's, IIcx's, IIci's, and everything
else down the line have 1.44M floppies.


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