Subject: Memory, ser0, sl0, fast clock, etc.
To: None <>
From: John D. Smerdon <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/28/1994 23:54:49
I have just finished installing MacBSD on a SE/30 and I have a couple of

The machine has 4MB of memory.  One message on the screen when it boots
says usable memory 1800000.  Does anyone else actually use the MacBSD with
this little memory?  When I compiled rz/sz, the disk drive was constantly
getting hit.  Is this normal?

vmstat lists avm memory as 700-800 and fre around 100-125.  From the man
page, these are in K so I have 700K-800K of my 1.8MB inuse?

I installed /ser0 as a SLIP connection.  I connect to the MacBSD system
from another Mac running MacTCP/InterSLIP.  The first day it worked ok.
Since I added the slattach and ifconfig statements to netstart, whenever I
enter ps -ax the console starts displaying vm_fault and dumps registers and
memory on the screen.  This repeats faster than I can read it on the
screen.  Anyone seen anything like this?

I want to connect the other serial port with a SLIP line also.  Is a kernel
change required to add a new interface (sl1 ?)?  I assume the lo0 is a
localhost interface.

I originally tried to setup pppd, but the serial driver does not like the
TSETIOD (?) ioctl.

The clock seems to fast about five minutes.  When I compare my Mac to my
watch in MacOS they are the same.  When I compare to MacBSD, MacBSD is five
minutes later.

Thanks for the help!

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