Subject: Re: am
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From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/28/1994 22:21:42
> When doing screen-oriented things, ie: vi & more, the terminal emulator
> seems to think that it is working on a 20 line screen, but the window in
> question seems to have about 36 lines.  Scrolling tends to be a bit 
> confused, and so do I.

If you're using a 640x480 screen, try using the following command:
	stty rows 34 columns 80
or for a smaller screen:
	stty rows 34 columns 85

You can put this in your .cshrc or .profile (depending on the shell that
you're using).

> Is this a termcap issue?  If so is there a termcap for the console?  if so, 
> how the hell do I make it work???  Hard to get anywhere if you can't 
> edit...

It is and it isn't.  Theoretically, we could add several entries to the
termcap and use these for the consoles, but that would still require a
change between the small and large screens (fonts).

Anyway...  Hope this helps.


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