Subject: Re: Video cards
To: None <>
From: Kevin Wilson 315-456-1404 <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/28/1994 09:17:00
> I don't know...  I think that any 8-bit card should work.  I don't know
> about the 24-bit or 8/24.  Your best bet is probably to hear what kinds
> of cards people are using now.
> Any negative or positive experiences to report (outside the Apple 8-bit
> or 1-bit cards)?  Anyone?
My MacIIx is using a RELAX model 200 video board.  This board is intended
to drive a 19" display.  (My display is actually 14", but the card thinks
its 19".)  The only issue I have had running this card with MacBSD is that
I had to make a ~/.termcap file that changed the default of 24 lines to
54 lines.  If you don't do this man, more, vi ... will put the text in
seamingly random places on the screen and not properly clear to end of
line.  With the termcap fix all works fine.