Subject: SWAP Space and Printers
To: None <>
From: Kevin Wilson 315-456-1404 <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/28/1994 13:29:59
I have finished the instalation of MacBSD :-).

I have run into two minor glitches however.
On booting I get a WARNING: no swap space in system (or something
close to that).  I am using a Mac IIx which otherwise seems to be working
fine.  The disk is a 1GB Fujitsu formatted with Anubus (its what came with
the drive).  The first 5 partions are MacOS.  Then next 2 are
my MacBSD partions.  The first is the root & usr partion as per the README
suggestions.  The second is supposed to be my swap space.  Anubus gives me
all kinds of options for what these partion types could be: swap (you
might think that this would do it, NOT!), scratch (no go either), misc A/UX
partion slice [3-8] ( I tried one of them, no go).  When the system is
doing it's mounts and tries to explicitly mount the swap partition it
usally says '/dev/sd0[b-h] device not configured'.  I have even run
MKFS on the swap (which I didn't think BSD required [atleast not SUN's
Any suggestions, or what am I doing wrong?

Second, I'm tring to get an FX80 w/ orange micro serial to parallel converter
running as my printer.  Where are the definitions of the flag bits used
by /etc/printcap?