Subject: am
To: None <>
From: Latigo Beach. Nice point break, long workable rides. <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/28/1994 06:39:22
Initially, I apologize for the simplicity of the question.  I am, however,
an utter neophyte in the unix world.  This endeavor is a learning
experience for me. 

When doing screen-oriented things, ie: vi & more, the terminal emulator
seems to think that it is working on a 20 line screen, but the window in
question seems to have about 36 lines.  Scrolling tends to be a bit 
confused, and so do I.

Is this a termcap issue?  If so is there a termcap for the console?  if so, 
how the hell do I make it work???  Hard to get anywhere if you can't