Subject: Split tar files and Installer
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Brad Grantham Featuring 24 Hour Alarm <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/27/1994 19:48:01
> If, like a MouseMan, it emulates a keyboard (!?), it will not work
> until Brad's new ADB system is in place (correct me if I'm wrong on
> this, Mr. Grantham).

Well, I'll have to put pieces into the desktop driver module to convert
the third and second buttons into actual button clicks, but the 
new system should only ignore a device if it doesn't understand that
device.  In the meantime, MacBSD will boot if you boot MacBSD without
the mouse.  (I'll leave it up to you to derive the gymnastics.)

> > One other thing that would be nice is if you could partion the tar files
> > so that they will fit on floppies.
> Will consider.  Actually, the dd part would be easy for us to accomplish,
> and if you would like to polish and contribute your mac application to
> reconstruct the files, that would serve, wouldn't it?  ;-)
> Actually, the original installer did work on multi-part files, and might,
> still...

The current installer *DOES* work with multi-part tar files.  Basically,
all you have to do is split the files on your end into whatever size
you want, but keep track of the ordering.

When you run the Installer, type "install" and pick the first file (maybe
inserting the first floppy).  After unpacking the first portion, it will
ask for the next portion.  This is why it asks for "file #0".  If you
have split tar files, it will then ask for "file #1," "file #1," and so
on.  Unfortunately, the new gzip tar file installer doesn't handle
split files.  That probably won't take much, but I've been moping and
working on ADB, so it will be released shortly after I get our new ADB
subsystem out of the door.

If you really want to hear someone complain, ask me about the Apple Desktop

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