Subject: Re: Video cards
To: Scott Kaplan <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/27/1994 15:43:34
> I know that the standard Apple 8-bit video card will work.  What other cards
> work just fine with MacBSD? (Or do just about all of them?)  I've gotten
> offers from people to sell me Apple 8.24 and 8.24GC cards for rather good
> prices.  Woudl these work?  How about an E-Machines Double SX 8-bit video
> card?  Any help on this topic would be useful, as I'm somewhat in the dark
> as to the potential problems and benefits from one video card to another.

I don't know...  I think that any 8-bit card should work.  I don't know
about the 24-bit or 8/24.  Your best bet is probably to hear what kinds
of cards people are using now.

Any negative or positive experiences to report (outside the Apple 8-bit
or 1-bit cards)?  Anyone?


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