Subject: Re: SLIP
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/24/1994 13:58:20
>>      I got greedy and decided to see if the ser1 the printer worked. I
>> connected my HP Deskwriter 550C (color inkjet printer}. I did not edit any
>> /etc/printcap file. When I submit a print job as 'lpr -PImageWriter foo'
>> the job spools OK. I get two entries in the /var/spool/lpd directory; some
>> fA.. and gA0... I think.
>> But nothing comes out of the printer. When I type lpq , I see my job status
>> waiting to be printed. But looks like the /dev/ser1 is not sending anything
>> to the printer.
>I really am not at all familiar with the printing utilities.  I'm working
>from a terminal attached to /dev/ser1 on my machine (now, /dev/tty01)
>and rlogin'ed to where I'm sending the mail
>from.  What protocol is the Deskwriter expecting?
  The Deskwriter is connected as a serial connection. It is expecting a
baud rate of 57600 bps 8bits and no parity. 

   I know that macbsd /dev/ser1 driver is OK. I took a serial line output
from my IIci running macbsd and input into my IIvx serial input at printer
port. I opened ZTERM in IIvx first at 57600 and then at lower baud rates. I
submitted lpr (print) jobs from IIci running macbsd. The output showed uo
on IIvx ZTERM window. What I found was that ZTERM had meaningful ASCII
output at 19200 bps. That means that macbsd, although had br#57600 in
/etc/printcap file, it really was sending it at 19200 bps. If this is true,
I conclude that HP Deskwriter, which expects a serial input at 57600 bps
will not work with macbsd unless the unix side can send data out of
/dev/ser1 at 57600 bps. That is why when I connect HP directly to macbsd
and do lpr (submit a job) the unix says that job was printed, but all that
happens on HP is that it moves the prining ink bottles a couple of times
and nothig prints.

  So the bottom line is that , can we have macbsd configured to have
/dev/ser1 send data at 57600 bps. I talked to some unix experts here at
ARCO, and they said yes, if the jump table is modified ie. kernal is
recompiled or something like that. I am not unix literate , but if you
think that we can, than it will be nice to have mac printers like HP be
used by macbsd. Please let me know if soething like that is possible, or
should I try to find a printer that works at baud rate no more than 19200

  Thanks once again about your prompt and helpful replies. I think macbsd
is working great and I love it.
Bharat S. Jhaveri