Subject: Re: SLIP
To: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/22/1994 22:45:01
>     I was able to use telnet , ftp etc.  But I would get some errors about
> some socket problems, but telnet and ftp worked well inspite of these
> problems.

That's normal.  It's fixed on my system and will be correct in the next

>      I got greedy and decided to see if the ser1 the printer worked. I
> connected my HP Deskwriter 550C (color inkjet printer}. I did not edit any
> /etc/printcap file. When I submit a print job as 'lpr -PImageWriter foo'
> the job spools OK. I get two entries in the /var/spool/lpd directory; some
> fA.. and gA0... I think.
> But nothing comes out of the printer. When I type lpq , I see my job status
> waiting to be printed. But looks like the /dev/ser1 is not sending anything
> to the printer.

I really am not at all familiar with the printing utilities.  I'm working
from a terminal attached to /dev/ser1 on my machine (now, /dev/tty01)
and rlogin'ed to where I'm sending the mail
from.  What protocol is the Deskwriter expecting?

>       2) If so, can I use ImageWriter config in /etc/printcap for HP
> Deskwriter? Speciallu br for Deskwriter is 57600 bps in contrast to 9600
> entry in printcap for Imagewriter.

The ImageWriter setup isn't perfect, by any means.  I got it to print
on my machine once-upon-a-time, and not well (flow control problems).

>   Here are some more questions? Can I add another hard drive? and how do
> backup the operating system.? Do I need to recompile the kernal since
> netbsd.CI seems to work as it is? Will I be able to get compile sources
> like tex and latex sources from internet on macBSD?

You shouldn't need to recompile the kernel--unless you want to change
something with it...  There is no convenient way to backup the system
unless you have a tape drive or a spare disk...  You should be able to
compile just about anything you want.


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