Subject: Re: SLIP
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Bharat S. Jhaveri <bjhaveri@Arco.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/22/1994 09:24:11
>> Now I need help with setting up a SLIP connection with my CISCO server at
>> office. I have a Teleport Gold connected to the modem port. When I follow
>> the instructions in the FAQ about SLIP, I get response <kitten> <25>
>So you are able to send and recieve text OK interactively when you're using
>cu?  The kitten part of the message is the hostname.  The 25 is probably a
>26 which is the ascii value in decimal for ^Z.
>Brad and Lawrence: wasn't the IIci using a different clock for the serial
>connection?  Did that support get into the serial device?

Thanks for your reply. I was successful in using SLIP. My problem was that
I had never really established the SLIP connection using normal calling
sequences. With help of a few Unix experts at my work here I was able to do
that. Here is how I acheived it.

1) edited /etc/remote and used hardwired line as com0 at /dev/ser0
configured at 19200 bps.

2) tip com0 

3) configured and dialed the modem.

4) established SLIP.

5) Now I used steps onward ~^Z from the FAQ on SLIP, except I had to ~!
since I was exiting from tip. SLIP was working OK. 

    I was able to use telnet , ftp etc.  But I would get some errors about
some socket problems, but telnet and ftp worked well inspite of these

6) Once I was done I did not know how to disconnect SLIP. I had to turn off
the modem and kill -9 tip processes. It worked OK.

     So the good news is that the ser0 works on IIci. Excellent.

     I got greedy and decided to see if the ser1 the printer worked. I
connected my HP Deskwriter 550C (color inkjet printer}. I did not edit any
/etc/printcap file. When I submit a print job as 'lpr -PImageWriter foo'
the job spools OK. I get two entries in the /var/spool/lpd directory; some
fA.. and gA0... I think.
But nothing comes out of the printer. When I type lpq , I see my job status
waiting to be printed. But looks like the /dev/ser1 is not sending anything
to the printer.

      Any suggestions? Although printing is not critical as SLIP, it would
be nice to see it print. I can than print out the man pages.

      1) Is /dev/ser1 configured for IIcI?
      2) If so, can I use ImageWriter config in /etc/printcap for HP
Deskwriter? Speciallu br for Deskwriter is 57600 bps in contrast to 9600
entry in printcap for Imagewriter.
       3) Do I need to edit or configure anything like modify princap.

BTW I used lpc to check status, it was enabled. Also in ps -aux, the lpd
daemon showed up as a process.

 Thanks for the wonderfull job Alice group has done porting the BSD unix.
Actually, I am pretty happy as it is now. This mac on which I put macBSD is
at my home. I am using it learn Unix. And this is great. I am just getting
greedier. Next I would like to see if I can use a Syquest, since I am
running out of Diskspace on hard drive.

  Here are some more questions? Can I add another hard drive? and how do
backup the operating system.? Do I need to recompile the kernal since
netbsd.CI seems to work as it is? Will I be able to get compile sources
like tex and latex sources from internet on macBSD?
   Although these are not critical questions, I will appreciate answers to
any of them.   
Bharat S. Jhaveri