Subject: Re: mach
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Anita Holmgren <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/21/1994 09:09:55
At  8:47 AM 3/21/94 -0800, Ted Lemon wrote:
>Is this really true?  I've heard rumours that the only real
>beneficiary of the suit is BSDI.   That's not the way I read the
>announcement, but let's face it - at this point I'm paranoid.   Does
>anybody have any concrete info on 4.4BSD-lite?
Yes, BSDI benefits, but so does anybody else who would like to use the
'unencumbered' BSD sources.  Berkeley is very much out of the BSD business,
but they are preparing a final 4.4BSD Lite distribution.  BDSI will start
using these sources as soon as they are ready. Tenon, as well, will move
from 4.3BSD-Reno to these sources.  For us, it will take a little while to


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