Subject: Re: mach
To: kr <>
From: Anita Holmgren <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/20/1994 16:05:48
At  2:40 PM 3/20/94 -0800, kr wrote:

>At  4:12 3/19/94 -0500, Keenan Brock wrote:

>>Don't forget that MachMac is being distributed for the mac.  You have to
>>have 5 licenses to get it ...
>These damn BSD source licenses seem to be a real problem. It is in my
>opinion especially vicious to bias in such a way against interested
>individuals (who are in need of free software).

Actually things are getting better in that regard.  Mach 3.0 if free of any
AT&T license and, recently, with the USL/Berkeley law suit ruling, there
will be a license free BSD, 4.4Lite, roughly equivalent to Net/BSD,
available very shortly. :-)


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