Subject: Re: yowza! tenon
To: Marc Tamsky <>
From: Anita Holmgren <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/17/1994 15:01:25
At  8:22 AM 3/17/94 -0800, Marc Tamsky wrote:
>I'm seriously considering purchasing the MachTen package and X Window
>software, and wondered if others were also...please contact me if you are.
>I have two questions:
> o How much will the upgrade to native mode PPC (sometime 4th quarter) cost?
> o If a group purchase is arranged, could an even better price could be had?
>   (Say, 10 MacBSD slaves at one time?)
>Comments Anita?

The MachTen upgrade to native mode PPC (for customers not covered by
maintenance) will be $200.  As part of this 50% MacBSD special, we can
discount the upgrade price as well.

In general, we are rather generous with upgrades since we move very fast
technologically and we always want our customers to have the latest and
best software.

The 50% discount is a very good discount and one we use for quantity
purchases at Universities.  So, this is already a group rate.


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