Subject: Re: yowza! tenon
To: None <>
From: John E. Howland <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/15/1994 19:39:00
	From: (Anita Holmgren)
	> Bill Johnston wrote:
	>MachTen is undoubtedly a well-polished package, but it is
	>going NOWHERE, as far as I can see.
	MachTen the ONLY Unix for Power Macintosh, and, as far as I know, the only
	Unix even planned for Power Macintosh desktops!
	We expect to be around for a long time. :-)
I had grant money for 22 new machines which would run Unix which I had to
spend before the end of March.  We considered Apple (having used A/UX since
1.0 days), Sun, SGI, IBM and HP.  Sun, SGI and IBM couldn't meet our price
constriants.  When Apple refused to commit, in writing, that the PowerPC
Mac's they could sell now would run their Power Open compliant Unix when
it becomes available, we bought HP 712/60's and 712/80i's.  The point of
all this is that it is very likely that there will be *no* Unix from Apple
for their desktop systems.  Tenon, I think, realizes this and intends to
fill this void with their products.

Until recently I felt pretty much the same about MachTen as Bill Johnston
expressed.  Then I bought a copy of MachTen to evaluate on a 660av I had
and I now see that I was wrong.  MachTen is an impressive product and will
be even more so with the performance of Mac PowerPC hardware.
	Please don't hesitate to communicate with me directly to continue this
	dialog.  No need to burden the MacBSD list.
I agree; my apologies, but I just had to say something positive about MachTen
and their product support.

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