Subject: Re: yowza! tenon
To: None <>
From: Edward Wolpert <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/15/1994 09:00:05
	The way I see it, is if you want a real UNIX operating system, with
real support, it will cost money.  I've had the fortunate ability to try out 
MachTEN, MacX and A/UX.  They are all nice for what they do.  MachTEN is a
great way to bring both MacOS and UNIX together.  MacX is a cheap alternative
to MachTEN to get your mac to be an X-Terminal.  A/UX won't run on all Mac's,
and the support is all but gone, but it works fine.  However, what do they
all have in common?  They cost money.
	MacBSD is nice.  It's an easy BSD platform to use.  It will only run
on a handful of Macs, not all devices are supported, and X on it isn't a
reality yet.  To those who can run it, the big advantage is the price. :-)
	I'm in luck with MacBSD; It will compile my client-server apps from
work just fine, and I can use it at home, and upload my sources in the
morning.  For me, that's fine.  But if I was doing anymore, it wouldn't pan
out.  It would be a nice toy to play with, but for a real UNIX workstation,
it's a bit of a pain.  (No ethernet support [yet] no X support [yet]...)
I believe one day, MacBSD will end up being better than A/UX, and give the
macintosh comunity more insite on how the hardware works.  I think most
people don't realize the work involved for the alice group, what they have
been able to do with the limited resources.  But currently, it's still in
developement.  If you need a real UNIX workstation, then other packages will
need to be used.  You have to use what is available to you.  MacBSD will take
some time.  (Though I'm as impatient as the next person... I'm getting a
Power Mac soon... )

		Edward Wolpert

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