Subject: yowza! tenon
To: None <>
From: Nicholas Mitchell <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/14/1994 20:30:14
I remember reading that MachTen didn't support virtual memory
and other nice goodies at some point.
Is the professional version as "functional" as A/UX would be
(assuming you get "MachTen Prof." plus "MachTen X windows package"

Do we have to pay sales tax on this?
(because I can get A/UX for $489, and MachTen prof+xwindows
would be 350+175=525, which is better if I do'nt have to pay sales tax)

any recommendations on which is a better idea at this point in time?
(i.e. A/uX seems to be at the boot of apple, 
 MacBSD doesn't seem like it'll support my centris 650 for quite a while
 and Tenon seems to have some sort of future)

(am I right about MacBSD and c650's? i'd rather not
spend 500 bucks :)