Subject: 68040 development
To: None <>
From: Hiromitsu "Rocky" Shiotsuki <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/06/1994 11:19:25
Hi all,

  I just got new 340meg drive for my Mac Centris 650 (LC040).
I bought this drive for MacBSD development.  I'm reading source code right
now, and learning
what great people done to MacBSD/NetBSD.  So, wish me luck to adding '040 code.
   I have now:
        Mac Centris 650 (no FPU 'LC040, no ethernet)
              20 Meg main memory (4meg + 16meg SIMM)
              80 Meg Internal (came with machine)
            240 Meg Internal (Quantum drive, use for MacBSD)
            340 Meg External (Quantum dirve, just got it)

        9600 V.32 modem (slip to terminal server at University)
        Apple Stylewriter II (I like the quality).

I downloaded MacMiNT, I think 1.08, also I have MPW 3.0 basic environment
I do not access to other Mac which is I don't have official development
  I will try making tool under MacMiNT to able to rebuild KERNEL.  If I
fail, I will try on
SunOS 4.1.3.  Way I understand that building KERNEL does not need any
libraries, just link
up all .o files, is it right?

    I like to cooperate with other people who working on 68040 code, so
please send me
an e-mail.  Hopefully we can speed up MacBSD for Centris and Quadora.

   I found FPU emulation code in mac68k directory, fpu.c.   Is it working
now? or not yet

Thanks for all
Hiromitsu (Rocky) Shiotsuki        Email1: (night and weekend)
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