Subject: Re: Alpha2 & optical drive: still trying...
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/05/1994 07:39:26
> After looking at the docs on the drive, it appears that mode sense page
> 4 doesn't exist in its world.  No wonder things were getting hosed.

That would do it.

> I don't know.  Once an optical gets configured, it should act a lot
> like a normal disk, right?  (random access, read/write, etc.)  Should
> creating new devices be reserved for things that actually behave
> differently once they get going?
> I'm assuming that creating a new device type would mean more nodes in
> /dev.  Personally, I'd rather be able to treat opticals and fixed disks
> the same, but then I'm used to MacOS.

Yes, although some older opticals have to explicitly erase a block
before writing it (sloooooow), and stuff like that.  I see your
points, and I'll think about it this weekend...

Have a good one,
-allen 'brownian motion' briggs

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