Subject: Re: Alpha2 & optical drive: still trying...
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: None <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/05/1994 01:04:04
> OK...  I'll try to grab the info on the optical devices to study this
> weekend while I'm away from the computer (spring break for the university
> means that I get to play chauffeur and visit the fiancee's parents for a
> few days).

After looking at the docs on the drive, it appears that mode sense page
4 doesn't exist in its world.  No wonder things were getting hosed.

> Yeah...  We might be better off creating an od device or something that
> would deal with SCSI optical devices.  I'll have to think about whether
> I prefer to do that or to wedge support into the sd device...  I think
> probably the former--even though we don't have a good way to deal with
> worm filesystems, yet, we might want that in the future, and those would
> probably be too much to try to wedge into the sd.

I don't know.  Once an optical gets configured, it should act a lot
like a normal disk, right?  (random access, read/write, etc.)  Should
creating new devices be reserved for things that actually behave
differently once they get going?

I'm assuming that creating a new device type would mean more nodes in
/dev.  Personally, I'd rather be able to treat opticals and fixed disks
the same, but then I'm used to MacOS.

You're probably right about worms being too much for sd, though.  I
assume the driver has to take care of all the write-once weirdness.
Ack.  That should definitely be quarrantined somewhere safe.  (-:

> Just random thoughts.
> -allen

Are you claiming to be non-deterministic?  ;-)

- monroe