Subject: Re: Alpha2 & optical drive: still trying...
To: None <>
From: Vuorikoski Veikko <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/04/1994 16:23:52 writes:
> I remember the confusion about the geometry info.  I have done some raw
> SCSI work before, interfacing to Mac tape drives.  What command is used
> to get the geometry info?  Inquiry (12H)?  What info is expected to be
> there?  If you want to mail me the relevant sources, I can take a look
> at the code that interprets the reply and see if it matches the info
> the drive returns.

 Yes, inquiry it should be. I have a drive with the same mechanism and the
same revision, SCSI-1,  and it seems to have some problems with inquiry. 
The only program that I've seen so far that can figure the drive geometry 
is Silverlining, all mkfs, etc stuff fails. MacBSD doesn't boot far enough
to figure what it'd think about it :)