Subject: Re: MacBSD vs. A/UX vs. MachTen
To: None <>
From: Vuorikoski Veikko <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/04/1994 16:29:25
Thomas Vanco writes:
> over a 14.4K modem linkup to bridge them.  But now I've gotten 
> suggestions that I should try A/UX or MachTen.  Has anyone ever tried 
> them?  What is the advantages to either of those to MacBSD?  
> Disadvantages?  What I really want is the most stable gateway I can get, 
> the least amount of hassle, and the most compatibility.  Also, the most 
> speed I can squeeze out of a 14.4 is important too.  Cost is not a 
> problem, so I can get A/UX is it's the best for the job.  Also what would 
> be nice is to keep a Mac interface somewhere, I believe A/UX and MachTen 
> can do this, right?

 Advantage, A/UX is faster I hear, disadvantage, it's not BSD and it costs $$$.
MachTen runs on top of MacOS (sorta), it also costs $. There's also some semi-free MacMach
thing going around that you can get if you have an AT&T source license handy.
 I doubt it'd have any effect on the slip speed. Unless you plan to just sit
around the MacOS-like GUI in A/UX, they're all a hassle.