Subject: Re: Changing monitor colors...
To: Edward Wolpert <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/03/1994 10:57:51
> Running an se/30 w/ 8-bit external monitor, I'd rather have black background
> and white lettering than the reverse.  (Or even blue background, like the
> console mode on the esv I use at work)  Is there anyway to do this with
> MacBSD?  (I know 8-bits run slow, but using reverse video wouldn't deal with
> 8-bits.)  I hate seeing my monitor in all white... it so.. so ... un-Mac
> like.  ;-)  (Like running UNIX on a Mac is.  )

Oof.  You're welcome to modify the console.c on your machine and rebuild
the kernel.  It's conceivable that it could be made an option (black on
white or white on black), but getting into colors adds more junk to the
console than I'd like to see in it (at least for now).  I've been
talking to grantham about re-structuring much of the console stuff, so
the future isn't clear, yet...

Sorry this is so vague...


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