Subject: LC II and Powerbooks
To: MacBSD General Mailing List <>
From: Brad Grantham in Convenient Vinyl Pouch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/02/1994 18:03:02
There has been a little discussion about LC's and Powerbooks on this
list and between members of the Alice Group.

I'm currently working towards Powerbook and LC (II and III)
compatibility, since I have most of the bits and pieces in place.

I have a kernel that comes up to the single-user prompt on a PB 140,
but the one I was renting had to go back to the owner.  If anyone
would like to help my progress to a Powerbook/Duo port and has
a machine I could borrow for a few weeks or more, please contact
me at  All I need to do is figure out how to
get ADB input.  No, really.  (I'll worry about FPU emulation later.)

We have David Schleef's code for ADB input from MacLinux (don't
*even* ask me), and I'd like the chance to try getting past the
belligerent interrupt Allen seemd to be encountering on the LC
II he is borrowing.  If you have an LC II or III you'd
gratiously loan me for a few weeks or more, contact me.

Most likely, I will end up interleaving development on these
machines with work on the general ADB driver for the II's.  It
would be convenient for me to have all three kinds together as
I try to code the replacement ADB subsystem.

I'll even pay shipping.  (I live in Santa Clara, California.)

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