Subject: Update to my original post
To: MacBSD Mailing List <>
From: Thomas Vanco <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/01/1994 07:19:10
ok, I've received several responces to my post, and I'll try to sum them 
up as best as I understand.

1) MacBSD does *not* support 040
2) I don't need to use MacTCP with MacBSD, BSD is enough
3) I want to keep my IICX on the network and allow it to work over 
ethernet, or at least localtalk (even though that would be grossly slow)
4) I may or may not allow access from the net to my IICX, so that the 
local network has the best possible speed.
5) MacBSD slip will go slower than MacTCP slip, but I don't care.
6) Worst of all, I am told by Allen Briggs that MacBSD does not yet 
support ethernet devices.  However, you said you have a driver.  Could 
you please send it to me via mail (bin-hex encoded)?

If the ethernet driver works, and let's assume for now that it does, will 
this allow me to bridge the internet over to our local network. So for 
example, we could then: run NCSA telnet on a local machine on the 
ethernet network, and access the IICX as well as an outside FTP/telnet 

That's the main reason for doing this with MacBSD in the first place.
I figure I will have to register our local IP's that I set up with our 
commercial provider so that TCP connections are recognized from them 
(Thanks to Mark Lindsey for this point).

SO, how about it? Are these conclusion correct? Can anyone out there 
please provide anything else - the more there is, the easier to figure 
out.  Thanks again.

	-Tom Vanco

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