Subject: Re: TCP flowthrough
To: None <>
From: Vuorikoski Veikko <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 03/01/1994 14:08:03
Thomas Vanco writes:
> 1) I have a local Ethernet and Localtalk network running a TCP/IP router.
> 2) I have a SLIP account on a commercial service and a fully registered 
> domain.
> 3) I have a Mac IICX running MacTCP and seeveral TCP applications that I 
> set up.  They are all accessable from within the local network over 
> our IP ethernet and localtalk.
> 4) I've been told that I can run MacBSD on the IICX and use the modem on 
> as a device.
> 5) I am hoping that the IP from the internet can flow over the 
> modem, through MacBSD, and through MacTCP to the ethernet network.  Is this
> possible??!!

 You can use IP over modem with SLIP/CSLIP/PPP, but ftp/gopher/telnet over it
is not an enjoyable experience with multiple simultaneous users/connections.
You don't need to, and you can't anyway, run MacTCP with MacBSD. It'll be
possible to allow users from both the serial and the Ether line to access
these services when a working Ethernet driver is available.

> I understand that this will be very slow, since this is all over a 14.4K
> link, but it's the best we can do - i.e. we can't afford a Ethernet cable
> directly from the Internet to the local network.  By the way, just FYI, 
> this is for my high school so it's educational value.

 Get one yourself, it only costs about $2000 or more to set up (plus hardware)
a 56k connection and a few hundred a month to maintain it, provided you have
a local provider B)