Subject: TCP flowthrough
To: MacBSD Mailing List <>
From: Thomas Vanco <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/28/1994 18:07:34
Hi everyone,
	This is Tom Vanco.  I have been told that the following situation 
concerning MacBSD is possible, but I'd like to have all of your input & 
affirmations of this.  I will really appreciate it.  Thanks.

1) I have a local Ethernet and Localtalk network running a TCP/IP router.
2) I have a SLIP account on a commercial service and a fully registered 
3) I have a Mac IICX running MacTCP and seeveral TCP applications that I 
set up.  They are all accessable from within the local network over 
our IP ethernet and localtalk.
4) I've been told that I can run MacBSD on the IICX and use the modem on 
as a device.
5) I am hoping that the IP from the internet can flow over the 
modem, through MacBSD, and through MacTCP to the ethernet network.  Is this

If this works, the end result would be:
a gopher, FTP, online chat, and more running on the IICX accessable to
the local network and the internet, so everyone can access it.
Also, other machines on the local network should be able to
telent/gopher/ftp, etc. out to the internet to other remote servers.

I understand that this will be very slow, since this is all over a 14.4K
link, but it's the best we can do - i.e. we can't afford a Ethernet cable
directly from the Internet to the local network.  By the way, just FYI, 
this is for my high school so it's educational value.

***Now for the incentive***
I will really appreciate any help you can provide, but here's a few 
things I can offer in return:
1) my deepest thanks
2) an account on my servers
3) your name in the credits in gopher, ftp, etc. as a 'thanks to' thing.

	So, If you can spare the time to help me out, many thanks.

	- Tom Vanco

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