Subject: Re: Logging in?
To: Don't float through life, make Waves! <>
From: Jason Frankovitz <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/28/1994 13:11:40
In your last message, you (Don't float through life, make Waves!) said:
> Apologies initially, for I are a neophyte UNIX weenie.  I feel proud as 
> hell though, for getting it installed and running.  But alas, I cannot for 
> the life of me figure out how to log in.  A bit ridiculous, I know.
> PASSWD inquires as to my identity @ single-user mode when I try "passwd 
> root". ("who are you ??")
> Help!
> Rick

I had this same problem and was told that the shell gets your ID from
/etc/utmp for this command. /etc/utmp may not be in your file system.
I made one but can't remember if that solved it or not. Give it a try
though. 'touch /etc/utmp' should do it.

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