Subject: Re: Booting on a IIvx
To: None <>
From: Peter Siebold <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/26/1994 17:43:02
> You need to use a newer kernel than "netbsd.CI", and you need to make sure
> you're in 32-bit memory mode and running off a video card (internal video
> might cause problems).  If that all checks out, then macbsd should boot,
> but you won't be able to get any further than that -- I seem to have gotten
> farther than anyone else has on a IIvx, but once the Unix '#' prompt comes
> up, that's the end; you won't be able to type anything because macbsd
> doesn't recognize the ADB chip in the IIvx.

	I can't find any kernel that is newer than netbsd.CI that says 
that it will boot on a IIci.  Well, my computer gets as far as black and 
white bars moving down the screen, but then two thirds of the way down it 
hangs.  I suppose that this is due to the fact that it does not support 
internal video.  Does anybody have any idea when it will support internal 
video?	Thanks	Peter