Subject: Re: Trouble booting
To: David Tay <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/25/1994 10:06:07
>         Booting... File "Netbsd" not found
>         Could not open kernel "(2,?) netbsd
>         ***********Boot Stopped***********
> What's going on? All help appreciated.

This message usually means that the file netbsd is missing.  Your
booter is corrupted if it's mixing case and leaving off the double
quote.  If there really is a space between (2,?) and netbsd, make
sure that there is no space before "netbsd" in the dialog box.

This is all assuming that you did download a kernel and copy it into
the unix filesystem with the installer.  Load the installer and do
an "ls" or "dir."  If the file netbsd is there, then your problem is
with the booter and/or its configuration.  If the file netbsd is not
there, then you need to copy it in.  The only files in the Alpha2
distribution are subtrees.  Netbsd wasn't in a subtree, so it got


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