Subject: Trouble booting
To: None <>
From: David Tay <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/23/1994 18:07:08
Uh, I've been on this list or a few months now. I still can't get MacBSD
to run on my machine. I partitioned the drive with APS' utility as 31 mb
root/usr, 4 mb swap, 1 mb escatalogy, 4mb HFS. I then run mkfs to format the
drive. Then I install tar files 1-5. I boot up with Booter 2.0. The MacOS gets
shutdown and BSD initializes, claiming my cx is a Pentium (huh?). And
then, it asks me:

	Do you want to fsck /dev/rsd0A? (y or no)

I type Y. And then it says:

	xx /dev/rsd0a
	ioctlc):default cmd: 0 x 41146465

Nothing happens for a while so I type RETURN and I get this:

	cannot read: blk 16
	continue? yes

I'm baffled. So I type like a dozen RETURNS because nothing is happening
for a long time and then I get this:

	the following disk sectors could not be read: 16,17,18,19,20,21,


	inappropriate loctl
	for device
	/dev/rsd0a: can't
	read disk label

	do you want to fsck /dev/rsd0g? (y or no)

So I say yes and the above comes out again in the same order and when it
reaches "/dev/rsd0a: can't read disk label", some stuff scroll by the
screen really fast and I can't catch it before (I think I caught something
saying "won't mount") my Mac suddenly reboots.

Is this some kind of VM problem? I have reformatted and re-partitioned and
reinstalled MacBSD on my drive more times then I can remember. What could
it be? Please help. This is my hardware list: 

Mac IIcx
5 mb (4-1mb simms, 80ns on Bank A, 4-256k 80ns simms on bank B)
Quantum ELS85 80mb with Apple ROMS, internal. Completely HFS drive.
Quantum 250, 41 mb drive external (root/usr= 31 mb, swap=4 mb,
escatology=1 mb, and a Mac HFS partition of 4 mb)
Apple High-res video card. Set to 1-bit for BSD
3Com ethernet card, thinnet
MacPro Plus ADB keyboard
NEC 3FGx monitor

All help appreciated.

--David Tay