Subject: Re: bootflags
To: Barry Ambrose <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/23/1994 14:03:59
> Will this fix the problem reported (by me) two days ago, whereby a
> Classic Mac running a 68030 accelerator card reported "No 68030 or
> 68020" during the boot and aborted?

The CPU that is reported by MacBSD is the CPU that MacOS reports
you as having.  We do not detect the CPU ourselves.  We do have
code to detect CPU, and might implement it if we find MacOS to
be lying to us.  If this problem actually stops you from booting,
we can do a hack and force the booter to think that you have a 68030.
If you can compile the booter, go ahead and change that yourself.