Subject: Re: installing tarfiles on an iomega cart
To: Jeremy Alan Green <>
From: Michael Finch <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/23/1994 01:15:03
Jeremy Alan Green
> I think my last message was lacking the second half for some reason... I'm
> posting it again.
> OK, I got an iomega cart formatted and I found out the right info to use
> with makefs.  It all seemed to work fine.  I got all of the tar files
> installed except half way through usr.share.tar I got the following
> error....
> -r--r--r-- 3 7   10264 Mon Dec 06 22:20 1993 usr/share/man/cat1/tset.0
> -r--r--r-- 3 7       0 Mon Dec 06 22:20 1993 usr/share/man/cat1/reset.0 har
> d link to usr/share/man/cat1/tset.0
> read_block2:Error on SCSIRead(), # 5
> /: bad dir ino 10305 at offset 0: mangled entry
> bad dir

Did you re- mkfs the drive after this happened the first time? It
looks like a media error to me.  Try another cartridge.  Or, possibly
the filesystem is hosed from a previous crash.  See what fsck says.


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