Subject: thanks!... and more questions
To: NetBSD/Mac68k interest group <>
From: Albert A. Martin <Al.Martin@Eng.Sun.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/22/1994 19:33:36
First, thanks:
to Tasuki Hirata <> for correctly diagnosing my
"floating point exception" problem as /usr/lib not having been
installed, causing binaries that relied on dynamic libraries to barf.
I'm now able to boot multiuser.  (I had to repartition to give root+usr
more space, and swap less.)

1. Extremely touchy: don't EVER move that mouse!
   (Has this been addressed?)
2. /usr/share/man/ls.core probably should be removed from the tar file.
3. /usr/share/man/cat1/{genclass.0,gdb.0} are empty.
4. /usr/share/groff_font/{devdvi/,devps/} are empty.

Forgive the naivete of the following; I'm a hardware hack who's had to
dive into Unix kernels on occasion, but I haven't had to deal with
NetBSD before (Hey, where'd they move that to?  What's it called now?).

Since I didn't install /usr/share due to lack of space, I used
"suntar" to extract /usr/share/misc/termcap from usr.share.tar.
I used install's cpin to place it under /etc, but vi (and ex, and
vipw, and...) said it couldn't find /etc/termcap until I specifically
set the TERMPATH environment variable.  What should the owner /
group / permissions on /etc/termcap be, or what else have I
forgotten to do?

1. How do you enable the kernel debugger?
   (What do I enter in the "bootflags" box?)
   What boot flags are available?  (During my experimentation, I tried
   setting bootflags=255, and the the boot died, thinking it was a
   "Macintosh (Pentium)")!
2. Is "plain vanilla" gcc used to compile the binaries?  Since my
   current hard disk space is limited, my idea is to run gcc on a
   Sun, cross-compiled to a 68k target.  Is this feasible?
3. How do you create tar files that the installer can read?
   From a Sun workstation, I tried creating with "tar" then "mcvert"
   but the installer didn't like something about the files in the tar.
   What I'm trying to do is, from a Sun workstation (here, at work)
   create an installer file containing selected files from /usr/share.
4. How do you add partitions?
   (mkfs and then what?  Which partitions correspond to which SCSI IDs?)
5. How do I change the name and IP address of my machine?
   ("kitten" is cute, but not to my tastes.)



Macintosh model and configuration:
	Mac IIcx, 8Meg RAM (68030+68882)
	ROM: version 120, checksum $97221136
	Appletalk: version 57 (phase 2)
	video: RasterOps Paintboard Li (driver: 24Xli 1.0)
	printer: HP LaserJet 4MP (driver: LaserJet 8.0)
	internal HD: (SCSI ID 2) Connor CP3100-100mb-3.5
	external HD: (SCSI ID 6) Syquest 44mb
MacOS version 7.1 w/Connectix Mode32 1.2 [32-bit enabler]
NetBSD/Mac68k "Alpha 2" release [94/01/23]
Where (FTP site) did you get it?        :
Last Modified?  (Finder "Get Info" box) : Installer : 93/09/12 00:28
					  netbsd    : 28/01/23 15:53
					  Booter1.0 : 94/02/12 16:40
	Installed on Syquest cartridge
	(partitioned by FWB HD Tookit-- root+usr:36Meg, swap:4Meg)
	/usr/include, /usr/share not installed
	internal HD at SCSI ID 2 not being used

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