Subject: Re: MacBSD on LCIII
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/22/1994 18:34:39
> Did you write processor specific kernals for speed, or is there really no 
> way to generalize it to any mac. This is the first Mac program that I 
> have seen that doesn't simply work on most macs that have the required 
> hardware. I've never tried to install A/UX, but I was under the 
> impression that it ran on every mac since the SE.

Not true...  Just like MacBSD, A/UX has to be ported to new macs.
Basically, the problem is that Apple keeps building new machines
instead of improving old machines.  The SE/30, II, IIcx, and IIx
are all basically the same machine.  For instance, Apple has stated
that A/UX will never run on the AV machines.

The reason that you haven't seen many programs that don't run on
just a few macs is that most programs are "well-behaved" in that
they run in the MacOS and use the Mac system for most services
(like memory access, disk I/O, sound, etc).  We don't.  We blow
the MacOS away and take over the machine.  For a variety of


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