Subject: Re: Can't boot
To: David Tay <>
From: Randy Thompson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/21/1994 08:49:10

Much of what you have written about has already been asnwered. To be
short, I have had similar problems when booting to multi-user with the
1.0 booter (SE/30, 150MB Drive (30MB root, 30MB swap, 90MB usr), 5MB

Side note: Although I have read of folks using such small swap partitions,
this goes against the grain for me. After about 11 years of unix experience
(on much larger systems), swap is something I have learned to be generous

Do away with escatology (used by A/UX, not NetBSD/Mac) and give
it to swap.

Anyway, if I boot the system with single user checked in the booter
preferences, let the system come up single user and then type 'exit' at
the prompt, it comes up fine. If I uncheck single user and try to boot
straight to multiuser, the kernel loads and then the system resets.

Dont know if this will help you, but it is worth a try. Make sure that
you set your root password and possibly add a user account before you
go multiuser or you wont be able to get in. You will need to to a mount
-u / to do this.

Randy Thompson (
Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.
Technical Marketing