Subject: Re: macBSD wont boot on my SE/30 - w
To: None <>
From: Ulf Eriksson <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/20/1994 19:13:11
>>There is a lot to read down here, but in short I've got a problem
>>with my UFS partitions OR kernel that make something panic and dump.

>I've had the EXACT same problem tonight. Do you know what's up?

I would lie if I say that I know what was the problem. But I got working
after some work.

First, I don't know what an Eschatalogy partition is and I'm not using it.
I used Silverlining to create a single Root&Usr partition, and a Swap.

Your sizes should work just fine.

The netbsd.II kernel didn't work for me, I'm using the netbsd-012394 kernel.
Also I'm using Booter 1.0 and Installer 0.2 and what I believe to be the
latest tar_files dated 20 - 21 Jan.

Then I installed  all of it, except the includes - no space left, in this
order: /dev, /etc, /var, /sbin, /bin ......
I think that whats important is that /dev is installed first.

Last I "cpin netbsd-012394 /netbsd"

Boot as a single user and type "mount -u /" to get a read/write file sys.
Maybe you have to edit the password file to get yourself a user or erase
any earlier passwords for the roots. You do this with "vipw", read the manual 
pages - "man vipw" to get more info.

Then I edited the /etc/fstab file to take out mounts I didn't have i.e
the /usr mount. 

Then I type "sync;sync;sync"

Next I boot as multiple users, and if the force is with you It should work.

If you haven't used the editor vi before, prepare yourself for something really
user friendly ;)

Short vi help:
	Basicly you have two modes: command mode and insert mode, you start
	in command mode.

	moving: h -right, l -left, j - down , k -up.
	inserting: o - open new line for input.
		   a - append characters
		   i - insert characters

	deleting:  x - erases one char.
		   dd - delets one line.

	quiting:   ZZ - saves and quit.
		   :q! - quits.

	You move to command mode from insert mode with ESC.

I do not know if the above is the correct way of doing, but it worked for

Good luck

Ulf Eriksson |