Subject: floating point exception?
To: NetBSD/Mac68k interest group <>
From: Albert A. Martin <Al.Martin@Eng.Sun.COM>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/18/1994 10:41:52
Hi, I just joined this list.

My problem: With the setup outlined below, I can get to the single user
prompt and do some things, but some fail with a "floating point
exception" and dump core.  This prevents me from successfully booting
multiuser.  I don't know how to track this down-- gdb is one of the
things that gets the fpe, and I haven't figured out what to put into
the boot flags box to enable kdb.

Any pointers would be helpful.  (Once I get past this, I have some
other questions.)



Macintosh model and configuration:
	Mac IIcx, 8Meg RAM (68030+68882)
	ROM: version 120, checksum $97221136
	Appletalk: version 57 (phase 2)
	video: RasterOps Paintboard Li (driver: 24Xli 1.0)
	printer: HP LaserJet 4MP (driver: LaserJet 8.0)
	internal HD: (SCSI ID 2) Connor CP3100-100mb-3.5
	external HD: (SCSI ID 6) Syquest 44mb
Which version of MacOS are you running? : 7.1
Are you using a 32-bit enabler?         : Connectix Mode32 1.2
Where (FTP site) did you get it?        :
Last Modified?  (Finder "Get Info" box) : Installer : 93/09/12 00:28
					  netbsd    : 28/01/23 15:53
					  Booter1.0 : 94/02/12 16:40
					    (single user, boot flags=0)
	Installed on Syquest cartridge
	(partitioned by FWB HD Tookit-- root+usr:26Meg, swap:16Meg)
	/usr/include, /usr/lib, /usr/share not installed
	internal HD at SCSI ID 2 not being used

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