Subject: Just some general questions
To: None <>
From: Edward Wolpert <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/18/1994 09:10:17
>4) When ftp-ing or telnet-ing to my own machine (sounds silly but I wanted
>to make sure it worked) I get the following message:
>tron ftpd[224]: setsockopt (IP_TOS): Invalid argument
>and with telnet:
>telnet: setsockopt (IP_TOS): (ignored) Invalid argument
>now, both services WORK, but I'm wondering if the messages have any impact
>on potential bugs. I added my own Mac to the router using:
>route add default localhost
>and it seems fine. No big deal for me...just wondering. Thanx

I have the same problems when I try to telnet/ftp to or from the MacBSD
computer.  Also, for some reason, rcp doesn't work... I get a message that
says something like "...rcp protocol all screwed up..." each time I try it.
My .rhosts files are correct, so I know it's not that.  I think the
telnet/ftp error messages are connected to rcp's failure.

Also, I don't believe appletalk is 'working' for a mac-mac localtalk
connection.  However, for two MacBSD's computers, that would make a good
'ethernet' type link up, eh? :-)

		Edward Wolpert

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