Subject: Re: How to set up on a IIsi
To: E. Mcnally <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/15/1994 12:25:59
> 1.  Is it even possible to get MacBSD to boot on a IIsi, or am I just 
> chasing my tail trying to get it to work?

Not at the moment.  Soon it will be, we hope...

> 2.  If it is possible, once I have a unix partition (formated with 
> silverlining, and then mkfs), how can I mount it so I can move the 
> various unix system files onto it from my macside partition?  None of the 
> mounting programs I have seem to be able to get access to it.  Perhaps I 
> formated the wrong kind of partition with silver lining as there were 
> many options-I formated a "misc AUX" partition.  Even silver lining is 
> not able to mount it and it did the formating!

Hmmm.  You can mount it in the installer, but it won't recognize the
Misc type.  You need to reassign it as either Root&Usr or Root for
it to be a root filesystem.  The MacOS will not recognize the partition
at all, but the Installer will, and you can use it to copy files into
the unix partition (cpin), or copy files out to the mac filesystem


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