Subject: Re: emacs and hard drive mounting questions...
To: Edward Wolpert <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/15/1994 08:08:33
> I've tried to compile smalltalk-1.1.1, but it didn't work, oh well.

What was wrong?

> 	1) Has anyone used g++ on MacBSD succesfully?  If so, email me,
> because I've been having weird troubles.

It is broken in the "Alpha2" release.  It's working on kitten at the
moment and will be in the next release (which will be out when it's

> 	2) I want to partition my new drive (170MB) w/16 Swap, 60 Root&Usr,
> and the rest of Misc A/UX (Using APS's partition prg.)  How do I set up my
> partitions on my mac properly?  I can't seem to get any partitions
> 'understood' by the netbsd kernal except for Swap, Root&Usr, Root and Usr.
> Also, it seems that the MacSide installer will automatically load /G in /usr.
> Can I change that?

This has been updated somewhat, and you can get to most any of the first
seven partitions on your disk (not counting the driver or partition map ;-).
You should set up the Misc A/UX as Usr, instead, and setup /etc/fstab
to mount /dev/sd0g wherever you want it.  As you point out, the installer
will automatically put it on /usr, though, so it's probably best to mark
it as a Usr partition after you've installed onto the other partition.
Will APS allow you to do that?  If not, don't mkfs the Usr partition until
after you install.  The installer will try to mount it, but the magic
numbers will be wrong.