Subject: Re: Perhaps a FAQ, but...
To: MacBSD General Discussion <>
From: Lawrence Kesteloot <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/14/1994 12:39:11
Ted Lemon said:
> Is there any way to get majordomo to send a copy of the FAQ  to people
> whenever they subscribe?   It seems that this would help a lot with
> the traffic from newcomers who don't know what's been ported or how to
> get the FAQ.
> (This is not a flame directed at Mr. Padzensky - it just seems like it
> would help a lot of people to get going (or not get going) faster.)

There is a way to do that, but the same file will be sent to people who
ask about the mailing list.  I.e., people who send "info
macbsd-general", will get the whole FAQ.  Maybe a sentence saying,
"Please start by reading the FAQ at cray-ymp...." or, "Please read the
FAQ at ... before posting," would be better.  (Another advantage of
having a pointer is that it doesn't have to be updated when the
FAQ changes.)  Mail me your suggestions and I'll set it up.