Subject: Re: emacs and hard drive mounting questions...
To: Edward Wolpert <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/10/1994 21:11:22
> 2) I've made a third partition on my NetBSD harddrive (80MB, 50 Root&Usr, 
>    10swap, 20free.)  I want to mount the 20, but no 'normal' (Read: method
>    I know :-) mounting procedures seem to exist.  I can't seem to re-configure
>    the drive info.  (It's only using 617 cycs out of 817 (Or something like
>    that.))

What do you mean "mount," kemosabe?  The kernel should print the partitions
when it boots.  You need to newfs the partition either in BSD (I should try
this...  it's been a while) or with the mkfs MacSide utility.  When the
filesystem is made, you should be able to mount /dev/sd0g (assuming you made
the second partition Usr) as a normal filesystem.  I have just incorporated
some new disk labelling code from finchm, so this will be a bit better in the

> 4) Anyone who's using an Se/30... what kernals are you using?  Why?

Someone else answer this, please.  I don't even have the old kernels around

> 5) Mailers problem:  I can send mail (slip) but the sendmail program won't
>    process recieved mail with older kernals... their ps commands work, but
>    the system load is way off base.  With newer kernals, the ps won't work, 
>    and sendmail will process the mail.  I'm totally lost here... what's the
>    best bsd4.3 kernal?  

I just found and executed a bug last night that prevented sendmail from
delivering local mail.  ps, w, and other commands like that need the
kernel to be named /netbsd.  If you booted off of another kernel: oh,
well. (ps actually allows you to specify the namelist on the command
line, but w isn't so flexible.)

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