Subject: emacs and hard drive mounting questions...
To: None <,>
From: Edward Wolpert <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/10/1994 20:08:01
	I've got a few questions for you folks out there...
1) Has anyone already compiled emacs for MacBSD?
2) I've made a third partition on my NetBSD harddrive (80MB, 50 Root&Usr, 
   10swap, 20free.)  I want to mount the 20, but no 'normal' (Read: method
   I know :-) mounting procedures seem to exist.  I can't seem to re-configure
   the drive info.  (It's only using 617 cycs out of 817 (Or something like
3) I'm about to compile trn.  Anyone have a better newsreader they think I
   should use?  (trn would require your host/newsfeed to be configured.)
4) Anyone who's using an Se/30... what kernals are you using?  Why?
5) Mailers problem:  I can send mail (slip) but the sendmail program won't
   process recieved mail with older kernals... their ps commands work, but
   the system load is way off base.  With newer kernals, the ps won't work, 
   and sendmail will process the mail.  I'm totally lost here... what's the
   best bsd4.3 kernal?  
Thanks for any help....

		Edward Wolpert

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I'm  sorry, but Godot isn't here today. Perhaps if you came back tomorrow...