Subject: Re: problems?
To: Tasuki Hirata <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/08/1994 12:13:20
> 1.  ps doesn't work.  it give me the following error:
>     ps: proc size mismatch (got 4448 total; kinfo_proc 558)

This should not be happening unless you're using a new-ish kernel.
A kernel released at the same time as Alpha2 will not have this
problem...  The basic problem is that the size of struct proc

> 2.  cu -l /dev/ser0 -s 38400 gives the following error:
>     Connected
>     cu: write: Input/output error
>     ser: ioctl(,536900721,,)

Hmmm.  This I haven't seen.  Does it do the same thing at 19200?

> 3.  I can't seem to get my Archive Viper 150 to work.

Check the major number of the /dev/st0 device.  I've recently
cleaned up the device numbering and the /dev directory.  I think
Alpha2 was really messed up.  I believe that /dev/st0 should be
major number 5.  Hmm.  It does sound like the device is correct,
though, if you can access the drive.  The scsi system has been
cleaned up a good bit...

> 4.  netbsd-012394 gets unexpected trap with apple ethernet card
>     installed.  Basically after nubus0 at mainbus0, I get:
>     unexpected trap (vector offset (bf80&0xfff) f80) from 8eb80030.

Ick.  This is because it's trying to probe the card.  Earlier versions
worked because they didn't.  I will look into this....

Sorry you're having so much trouble!


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