Subject: problems?
To: None <>
From: Tasuki Hirata <>
List: macbsd-general
Date: 02/08/1994 11:56:24
Since not having alpha2 installed was hindering by cross-compiler
development, I re-installed alpha2 from scratch (install util ver0.3,
new 4k/8k booter).  I'm having the following problems and looking for
pointers to fixes.

1.  ps doesn't work.  it give me the following error:
    ps: proc size mismatch (got 4448 total; kinfo_proc 558)

2.  cu -l /dev/ser0 -s 38400 gives the following error:
    cu: write: Input/output error
    ser: ioctl(,536900721,,)

    DTR light comes on my modem, but nothing else happens.
    kermit works, so maybe I'll just stick to that.

3.  I can't seem to get my Archive Viper 150 to work.
    The kernel reconizes the drive, but mt -f /dev/st0 status doesn't
    work.  mt -f /dev/st0 rew sometimes spins up my tape, but not all
    the time.  The access light on the tape drive does come on.

4.  netbsd-012394 gets unexpected trap with apple ethernet card
    installed.  Basically after nubus0 at mainbus0, I get:
    unexpected trap (vector offset (bf80&0xfff) f80) from 8eb80030.

    The machines boots fine without the nubus card installed.
    I had no problems with the card using alpha1 running the kernel
    from the update kit.


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